How to Keep Produce Fresh Longer


Now that you've brought home all of that wonderful produce, you want to keep it tasting fresh and lasting as long as possible! Here are some products that you can use that will help extend the life of your produce.


The BluApple is a simple little item that you can simply toss in the crisper drawers of your fridge. The BluApple will then work to absorb all the excess ethylene gas to help your produce last longer. The BluApple comes with absorbers that will work for 3 months or you can buy an extended pack which is good for up to a year.



These GreenBags are another easy wayt to keep your produce fresher for longer whether you store it in the crisper drawer or not. Simply place your produce in the bag and it will help to extend the life of your produce. Each bag is good for up to 10 uses.


Rubbermaid FreshWorks

These containers are a step up from the gas absorbers that I've mentioned above and also allow you to have a container to store your produce in to keep it from getting smushed in the fridge. Each container has a unique design that will help your fresh produce last as long as possible.


For more tips on how to keep specific types of produce longer, you can refer to this article: How to Make Produce Last Longer.

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