Delivery Details


Delivery details are subject to change with each event. Please refer to your email when you place an order for any specifics.

We will be at each of these drop locations for the time specified on your email. If you are unable to pick up during the time indicated, please find someone that can pick up for you. If you are completely unable to pick up your order at your own drop and need to meet us at a different drop, please call us at 605-421-9300 right away.

You can also pick up a missed order on Saturday from 1 to 3 at 713 N. River St in Hot Springs.

Any products not picked up by the end of the delivery days will be donated at local food pantries and ministries and a refund will not be offered.

Delivery Details for September 23rd and 24th Drops

Deliveries for September 23rd (Friday) 

Spearfish Drop Location

Friday 8am to 8:30am - Home Source Furniture Store Parking Lot (2535 East Colorado Spearfish, SD 57783)

Sturgis Drop Location

Friday 9:10 am to 9:30 am - Believer's Fellowship Church Parking Lot (180 Old Stone Rd, Sturgis, SD 57785)

Piedmont Drop Location

Friday 10:30am to 11:30am - Hillsview E Free Church Parking Lot (13776 Sturgis Rd, Piedmont, SD 57769)

Rapid City Drop Location

Friday 12:30pm to 2pm - Woodstock/Extreme Fireworks Parking Lot (4705 S Interstate 90 Service Rd, Rapid City)

Hermosa Drop Location

Friday 3pm to 3:30pm - Our Savior's Lutheran Church (386 Main St, Hermosa, SD 57744)

Hot Springs Drop Location

Friday 4:30pm to 5pm - Cornerstone Bible Institute (27315 Wind Cave Rd, Hot Springs, SD 57747)


Deliveries for September 24th (Saturday) 

Custer Drop Location

Saturday 8am to 9am - Buffalo Ridge Theatre Parking Lot (370 W. Mt Rushmore Rd, Custer)

Newcastle Drop Location

Saturday 10am to 10:30am - Newcastle Convention Center parking lot (22918 US Hwy 85, Newcastle, WY)


Pop Up Produce Market (anyone welcome!)

Saturday 12pm to 3pm - Black Hills Bulk Foods Warehouse (713 N. River St, Hot Springs)


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