About Us


We are a local Black Hills family that loves finding a great deal. Merissa is a born and raised 6th generation South Dakotan and has instilled her love for the Hills and its people in her husband and children. Merissa and David homeschool their 3 children and love their small acreage in the heart of the Hills.

In our family, it's always been important to find the best deal on the best food that we can afford to buy. A few years ago, we desired to bring bulk food with wonderful prices to others in the Black Hills but God had other plans for us. Now, the time has come for us to put this simple family business together and we are so excited that you are coming alongside us.

We've seen other bulk meat and food businesses come and go, some that offered prices that were too high and some that were untrustworthy. We hope that you can trust our family to help you find the best deals on the food you eat and to deliver them as promised. 

Why Black Hills Bulk Foods?

We wanted to start this business for 2 different reasons...

1. We wanted to be a local company that will help provide those in the Black Hills area with fresh meats and produce at affordable prices. 

2. We want to provide for different ministries.

When it comes to grocery shopping in the Black Hills, you can shop at a nationally owned grocery store, or you can shop local. We hope that you will work with us to keep your hard earned dollars in the Black Hills!