What is Black Hills Bulk Foods?

Think of Black Hills Bulk Food like a co-op. There are a bunch of us putting our money together to be able to purchase items in a bulk quantity for a discounted price.

Instead of going through multiple middle men, the savings get passed right on to you!


We've always loved saving money and getting better products by purchasing them in bulk so we decided to bring our favorite form of shopping to South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. You can read all about our family here.

Black Hills Bulk Foods is a delivery service that features fresh produce, meats, and other clean, natural, and organic foods. We deliver to multiple "drop locations" around the Black Hills of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. You can find our Delivery Details here.

Is it always bulk foods?

On the delivery trucks, we sell only bulk foods. 40lb cases of chicken, multiple loaves of bread, 10lb cases of sausage, 5lb bags of dried fruit are some of the things you will see on the orders.

Do you sell smaller quantities?

Yes! We have a special popup market that is open every other Saturday from 10 until 2pm at 713 N River St. in Hot Springs. We have fresh produce, meats, repackaged dried goods, honey, bread, and more. Think of it as an Amish bulk foods shop!

I want to buy bulk but I'm not sure how to eat it all before it goes bad!

Most of our customers repackaged their goodies and put them away in the freezer. Almost everything we sell freezes well.

I have more questions!

Never fear, we are happy to help you! Just email us at sales@blackhillsbulkfoods.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.