What Do We Sell?

Every order is a little bit different (depending on availability) but here are some of the things you will be able to get from Black Hills Bulk Foods!

Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts (40 lbs), Thighs (40 lbs) and Drumsticks (30 lbs)

Applewood Smoked Bacon 15 lbs or 30 lbs 

Sausage -Breakfast, Bratwurst, German Bratwurst, Polish, Mild Italian or Sampler

Amish Bread- Sourdough, Honey Wheat, Potato and Cinnamon Raisin

Organic Flour, Whole Wheat and Corn Tortillas

Fresh Mixed Produce Boxes

Bulk Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Organic Whole Chickens


Chicken Breakfast Sausage Patties

Local Eggs

Butter - 1 lb

Local Cheese

Organic and Local Beef
Local Honey


 Seafood - Salmon, Cod, Tuna and Halibut

Maple Syrup
Pantry Staples- Flour, Rice, Oats
Hot Dogs

Gluten Free Baked Goods
Peanut Butter
Cream Cheese
Trail Mix
Dried Fruit
Elderberry Syrup
and so much more!

Want to request a specific item? Just email us at sales@blackhillsbulkfoods.com and we will get pricing for you!